The Presidents’ Choice: From the 1950s Till Nowadays


Charles de Gaulle is the first President of the Fifth Republic (the period in the French history from 1958 till now) and the first President who used DS 19. The choice of DS19 was not random as the “Goddess” as people nicknamed it (from the French “Deesse”) was indeed a revolutionizing automobile of the time, as it offered exquisite design and unprecedented technologies. It was the first car to offer hydropneumatic suspension that later allowed the President to safely survive after his motorcade was shot at.
Later on, Georges Pompidou, his successor, opted for the DS car (DS SM model) as a presidential automobile.
2017 / Emmanuel Macron is officially proclaimed as the French President
The tradition is still alive: Emmanuel Macron, the actual President, arrived to his inauguration in 2017 accompanied by DS 7 Crossback. The presidential automobile was deliberately provided with a sliding roof so that the new commander-in-chief could salute the French people during his passage along les Champs Elysees.

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