IN]VISIBLE LIVES – a focus on inclusivity in contemporary society

Modern Ukrainian society has faced the topic of inclusivity and equal accessibility for everyone as an acute issue that needs to be addressed systematically in various areas, including the cultural environment.

Creating a comfortable physical and psycho-emotional space, where everyone could live freely and realize fully oneself, has now become a national strategy – without barriers.

This year Photo Kyiv has decided to dedicate its exhibition program to the issue of inclusivity, in a broad spectrum. It is about marginalization and prejudices against all social groups, especially with physical and mental disability, elderly people, parents with small children.

Ukrainian and foreign photographers, authors’ collectives and curators are invited to narrate through photography the stories of less visible minority groups and express their understanding of existing barriers – sometimes merely perceptible and often invisible – and the possible ways to bear or overcome them.


  • Selected projects will be shown in an outdoor exhibition, held from 12th to 25th of August in the Park of St Sofia, Kyiv.
  • Selected photographers will gain a large visibility, both locally and internationally, as the exhibition will be off and online.
  • They will receive a limited edition catalogue of the exhibition.


Who can take part:

  • Professional independent photographers, from Ukraine and abroad
  • Professional photographic collectives, from Ukraine and abroad
  • Professional curators, from Ukraine and abroad.


  • Originality
  • Relevance of the subject matter
  • Artistic and aesthetic values
  • Author’s style

DATE: From June 4rd to July 3rd, 2021
DEADLINE: July 3rd, 2021