Special project in the framework of Photo Kyiv 2017 Ukrainian Archetype

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An archetype in photography is a reference towards a fundamental character, a desire to go beyond simple fixation of a person or the environment in which he lives, but to reveal something that is much more than an image – a generalized character. In our case, these are visual images directly related to the Ukrainian people and their identity. The selection of artists was based on the contribution of each of them to the development of photography, the representation of Ukraine on the international scene, but most importantly – the integrity of projects and their general cultural significance. The exhibition is a guide for the Ukrainian audience and which determines the public domain, a layer of culture, which for unexplained reasons is neither understood nor recognized in Ukraine. Each artist is unique, each has his or her own vision and sense of archetype, and these different views unite all participants of the exhibition. Exhibition includes works of young and established artists: Arthur Bondar, Sergei Bratkov, Igor Gaidai, Alexander Glyadelov, Kirill Golovchenko, Maxim Dondyuk, Sasha Kurmaz, Viktor Marushchenko, Sasha Maslov, Sergei Melnichenko, Yevgeniy Pavlov, Mikhail Pedan, Vyacheslav Polyakov, Roman Pyatkovka, Arsen Savadov, Victoria Sorochinski, Alexander Chekmenev, Nikita Shalenny, Shilo (group) form the anthology of «Ukrainian photography».

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