Chornobyl Bride (ISAGUS)


It all started from constructing a dress out of gas masks, a gown and a Ukrainian wedding flowery wreath with ribbons. As of today, “Chornobyl Bride” is an installation, an artistic videoart
project. “Chornobyl Bride” is an attempt to question the dramatic consequences of human actions.
“Chornobyl Bride” is embodied through an image of a young bride wearing a dress made of gas masks who roams the streets of the dead Pripyat town searching for some signs of life. “Chornobyl Bride” is indefeasible and majestic Madonna covered with a gown and adorned with a flowery crown, who saves the world devastated by madness, with its beauty. She embodies the soul of the Ukrainian nation. Wherever this haunting figure appears, she reminds everyone of “their own Chornobyl”. Chornobyl is a universal image representing the history of humanity. The
“Chornobyl Bride” has an almost physical connection with nature: when she embraces a tree, she seems to communicate with it in a language we cannot comprehend. Can we restore the sacred
relationship with nature, which we’ve made into our enemy? Independent nature gradually penetrates into the abandoned streets; it covers the streets transforming them into forests. It’s a brilliant proof of the fact that nature can easily do without humans.

The project is supported by The Swiss Embassy in Ukraine.

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